"Words of Praise"

"through Caryn Spain's Sacred Solution process once I was able to let go of the need to figure things out and let myself not only be drawn to what I truly love and desire, and have all my life, but realize and fully commit to how that uniquely serve other's in the world and in return, how that serves me right back! It was no longer about whether I was "good enough" to do it, but rather it became the choiceless choice. Through realizing my unique gift to the world, it has allowed me to be more present, to feel and allow more love in my life, and be in a deeper, more authentic expression of who I am"...Shelley Campbell

I took the Sacred Solutions workshop with Caryn in 1996 at Esalen Institute. 5 years later, i still have fond memories of that experience. The setting and the people, and most of all the way that Caryn provided us with guidance and support to uncover the next steps in our unfolding. It's 5 years later, and I have kept in touch with Caryn through the journey of life. I am looking forward to doing the newest manifestation of her work in January in Maui. Knowing the changes that Caryn has gone through, I have to think that it's going to be an amazing experience for us all....John William Johnson, MFCC, LMT Board Certified Psychotherapist and Massage Therapist

Sacred Solutions is and organic map, tailor made for your self. Caryn does a very graceful job facilitating the making. I did the workshop around 3 years, and the map not just continue with me but the process of decision and redefine my purpose in life kept going in my mind. I am still surprised how my mind kept checking in until I was in nothing else but my uniqueness!!!! Mariana Marachlian

What a journey four days have meant for how I am moving in my life today. I must admit I had some skepticism at the start. Could you guide me to a new vision for myself, how I would like to be in the world? Having had a few careers in philanthropy and financial services I was not sure where I wanted to go next. I'd always relied on my own intuitions about the best way to proceed. I also knew that my own intuitions had been influenced by my childhood messages and more current ways of being that I was not happy with. My life in family, work and in friendships was not as fully present and fulfilling as I wanted them to be. How do I change that? How do I bring more joy and gratitude in my life every day?

I needed change. Who could help, what process would it be, when and how could that happen? Then I met you and soon after made the decisions to trust your process. Your success with Chart Your Own Course® led me to believe your methodology is a good one and that you have talent. I was right.

I made the decision to trust whatever happened during our retreat would be useful to me and my new future. I could then begin to access the skills you developed in guiding people toward new visions for themselves in the world. It really was that simple. Your intuitions, techniques, tools and 79 cards are a unique combination. Only you bring that to the table. Lucky for me getting to be at the table with you.

I am surprised and delighted with the results of our work together and sincerely look forward to continued consultations as I move forward with your process. My life has changed. My family is delighted with my new way in the world. Joy is coming back to me in my work in the world. I am pleased to report that my life has less drama, more hope, more love and direction than I have had in years. I do not think there can be substitute for the clarity and vision I now have in my life. I feel refreshed, hopeful and grateful to be alive. Our work together helped bring more joy back into my life.

I than you tremendously for the opportunity to work with you. I look forward to today and the future. David Crocker<